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A China Mist iced tea is the perfect companion for outdoor relaxation. ...

2 days ago

Happiness comes in all kinds of flavors. ...

4 days ago

Perfectly brewed “me time”, brought to you by China Mist. ...

7 days ago

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Cuppa Diem Spotlight

Meet Sara Cureton, a longtime fan of China Mist from Phoenix, AZ. Sara started drinking our teas while growing up in Globe, AZ. She now visits AJ’s Fine Foods daily for her iced tea “fix.” When we caught up with Sara, she was on her way to Seattle to visit friends and packing boxes of our teas as graduation gifts “to help spread the word about China Mist.” Cheers to you, Sara !

Share your own Cuppa Diem selfies with us. Use #CuppaDiem and post to your favorite China Mist community.

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Grand Prize Winner: Teresa McElhaney
Caption: Hey, found my ultimate FAVORITE iced tea going to work! #Teaborhood #AJsFineFoods

Runner Up: Julie Brown Caption: Loving our China Mist Tea! :) #Teaborhood #AJsFineFoods #needavacationfromthesetwo #lovethem #summerismakingmecrazy #gotoschoolalready

Runner Up: Phyre Kimble
Caption: #Teaborhood drinking some china mist tea at #Yogisgrill before a movie with my love. You could have it hot or iced

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