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We admit it. We’re bonafide tea-natics, but not in the snobby sense. From day one, we’ve been driven to create the highest quality of fantastic tasting teas that help bring joy to your every day moments.





Back in 1982, two out-of-the-box thinkers forever changed the landscape of restaurant iced tea. Dan Schweiker and John Martinson were inspired to find a way for restaurant guests to enjoy a better tea experience. Low-quality teas that were the norm, just didn’t cut it.

So they went to work.

With tenacious spirits and the help of new, emerging tea brewing technology, Dan and John embarked on a mission to make and distribute the first-ever gourmet, fresh-brewed iced teas for restaurants.

After mixing and tasting numerous different tea and leaf combinations, they hit on the perfect combination for black tea. So they started packaging it from Martinson’s garage and distributing it themselves around the state. A little over a year later, future CEO and Board Member Rommie Flammer joined the team while still in High School.

And here we are, 30+ years later with our founders. Still driven by that same optimism and tenacity to create the best tasting teas you’ll ever experience.

With over 40 flavor blends regularly made right here in our hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, the Martinson’s family garage is back to storing cars instead of tea.

Why the name China Mist?

It’s a quick little story actually….that goes something like this:

Take the birthplace of tea (which is China) and pair it with the mystical, magical way we flavor our tea (with a mist) and viola. You have China Mist.


We’re not ones to brag, but we’re a passionate bunch who are driven to be better, greater and different in everything tea. It’s kinda in our TNA (that’s tea talk for DNA). Believing there is always a way to make an everyday experience more special, we blend unique and memorable teas that bring joy to any moment. By doing so, we empower all you awesome, tea-lovers out there to do what you love more. Share life, over amazing tea.


Fresh thinking is something that’s always steeping around here. From little tweaks to big “aha moments”, we’re al ways seeking out new ways to impress our toughest critics—ourselves .

Here’s a look at our list of ever-growing firsts.

Created the industry’s first gourmet loose leaf iced tea for restaurants, China Mist Traditional Iced Black Tea, our proprietary blend of premium China black teas. It’s why we’re considered the iced tea experts.

First to create Passion Fruit Iced Tea for foodservice, which introduces America to this previously uncommon fruit.

First to introduce Fresh Brewed Iced Green Tea to foodservice, which is now a star in the healthy tea department.

First to offer Organic and Fair Trade Fresh Brewed Iced Tea for foodservice to make a difference and change lives.

Created the first iced tea Quality Assurance Program, Tea-Loving Care,™ to ensure a better tea drinking experience.

First to create restaurant quality iced tea to brew, and enjoy, in the comfort of your home.



What makes our teas so special? We work directly with our growers to produce teas that meet our own high standards. Our leaves are lovingly plucked, processed and flavored by hand in small batches. Why? So the whole leaves can preserve their beauty, essential oils and flavors until you free them. While steeping, the leaves gently open, releasing a precious gift of tasty, aromatic goodness. 


We begin with the absolute highest quality, premium tea. Then we add in refreshingly fruity flavors that taste so naturally good. Never overbearing and always impeccably, just right. Complementing your meals, your moods, your “me time” and your everyday moments.



Like our tea, our team is steeped in decades of experience and fresh thinking. There’s a spirit of pushing the envelope in each and every one of us as we continue to raise the bar in the world of tea. Every member of our team is here not only because they’re ridiculously talented and emphatic tea lovers, but because we love what we do.

Dan Schweiker (Founder, Co-Chairman)

John Martinson (Founder, Co-Chairman)

Rommie Flammer (Co-Founder)


Kermit Peterson (President)

David Purcell (Manager, Regional Sales)

Devon Hauquitz (Director Natl Account Operations)


Ed Baird (Director, Retail Sales)

Brian Locke (Corporate Controller)



We’re just as passionate about giving back to our communities and being kind to our earth as we are about our teas. If you live in the Phoenix area, we’d love for you to join us in our efforts or at any of these events. Just watch our social pages for details, or sign up for our emails to get the latest updates.

For the Kids
Every year, we support the Arizona Friends of Foster Children by donating our tea for their gourmet food truck fundraiser called Foodie Faire. If you’ve never been, you have to check it out. Live music, lots of fantastic, local food (and tea) and to top it off, a great cause.

Our tea also makes a difference in keeping those selfless volunteers refreshed during their Recycle Your Bicycle drive. We also serve as a drop off location. This wonderful effort brings the simple joy of a bicycle to foster kids. Ride on.

Helping Wishes Come True
Oh, the magic of making wishes come true. It feels so good. That’s just one of the many reasons we help support the Arizona chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every year we donate silent auction items for their annual fundraiser. The Royal JBS Invitational golf tournament is a fantastically fun event held each June in Tucson.

Empowering Women
We are proud to sponsor the Take The Lead Challenge Event, dedicated to fostering leadership and equal pay for women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. In 2014, we donated $10,000 to this very, unique, inspiring event.

The Martinson Foundation
Our very own John Martinson, created the Martinson Sustainability Solutions Research Grant Program in 2012. It provides scholarship funds for graduate research at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability.
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