Tea-LC™, is Tea-Loving Care

Our customers are the best in their categories. Our proprietary Tea-LC program ensures their tea program is optimized to give their most profitable and influential guests the tea experience they expect and deserve. Equipment, service, training, marketing tools, maintenance and quality assurance. Everything you need for consistently delicious tea is covered for you by China Mist. We pour our hearts into it. That's why we call it Tea-Loving Care®. Our comprehensive Tea-LC program ensures that your tea-brewing and dispensing equipment serves consistently fresh and delicious tea. You know, the kind that keeps your most profitable guests coming back for more. After all, every great relationship deserves a little Tea-LC!


Our best customers are those who offer their guests high-quality and differentiating experiences. Our teas provide them the opportunity to offer a tea experience that guests really get excited about. Known for being addictively delicious our teas build excitement and loyalty for restaurants who care about every detail of the guests experience and want to impress their most profitable and loyal patrons.


We make selecting the right equipment and maintenance plans simple and effective. Our team works with all major equipment manufacturers, offering specifications that all own your equipment to brew the best tea possible. With so many flexible options, we can help you choose the right lease or purchase plan for your unique business.


Through your current broadliner or our network of strategic distributor partners, we ensure you get the right distribution anywhere anytime. Nationally and Internationally.


Our effective staff training helps you create the most profitable tea program. This comprehensive training includes materials, videos and on-site training opportunities. In addition we provide incentive programs to help educate and motivate staff.


Managed services equals extraordinary customer care. We don't just drop off a case of tea, we have a high-quality service team to ensure high-level management and optimal results. We simplify program implementation and management for you while driving the program toward highly-profitable results.


We think through every opportunity to maximize and optimize sales opportunities. Including the selection of teas to complement your menu and wow your guests to a highly strategic marketing program to build awareness and create intense demand and loyalty - all the while reinforcing your brand.